Happy Friday -tips & tricks

Sometimes in order to decipher a vintage pattern, you may need to get creative.  Things to try might be to take notes, study the picture and trace it out.  That is what I had to do to make this butterfly… When making a butterfly like this there are so many numbers to keep track of.Continue reading “Happy Friday -tips & tricks”

Hairpin -Tips and Tricks

 If you google Hairpin lace, you will find all sorts of resources, Youtube, images, and tutorials.  Annie’s offers a class, Learn to Crochet lace, Hairpin, Broomstick & Bruges with Ellen Gormley.   This is how I learned hairpin lace and I appreciate how Ellen demonstrates both right and left handed versions. I am discovering, you canContinue reading “Hairpin -Tips and Tricks”

Happy Friday! – Tips & Tricks

As you may know, I like to keep things organized, well I try anyway.  I have a small box that I have needles of all sizes, clips of all sizes and a few other doodads… Suppose I left my little gadget box unlatched which I do sometimes.  And suppose my hubby and daughter are playingContinue reading “Happy Friday! – Tips & Tricks”

Happy Friday -Tips & Tricks

The Chainless Double Crochet (CSDC) is changing the way I crochet.  First learning this stitch from Tamara at Moogly while working up her Moroccan Tote Bag.  Now I incorporate this stitch every chance I can.  Remember the hat I showed you on Monday…  Using the chainless stitches can create a more seamless look like this….Continue reading “Happy Friday -Tips & Tricks”

Happy Friday Tips & Tricks

Sometimes when I am looking for a particular book, I could spend more than a few minutes looking and looking.  How does one organize their crochet library by author, by type of crochet?  Here is how I organized my library last night…..  First, I grouped the publishing company together. In my case I buy aContinue reading “Happy Friday Tips & Tricks”

Tips & Tricks Friday

While I crochet or designing a pattern, I check my numbers.  Sometimes I have to see it visually so 1 write lines of numbers then scribble the stitches above counting and counting again. I am checking numbers so often,  in the back of my notebook I have a page of half eraseed symbols and numbers.Continue reading “Tips & Tricks Friday”

WIP Wednesday -Irish Crochet

On our trip to the beach back in June, I brought along this wonderful book… It was much to windy to do any thread crochet at the beach, so I worked on these motifs in the car from the hotel to the beach and on our ride home.  I love how thoroughly Kathryn shows howContinue reading “WIP Wednesday -Irish Crochet”