Green Pastures

Hoping to show you a finished doily but I am still working on this doily, titled Green Pastures… It is a fun and challenging pattern.  It is not a complicated pattern but is has  specific points to match like this row…  Round 25 is the round that catches any mistakes.   More than three times,Continue reading “Green Pastures”

Another Vintage Doily…

in the works. Exploring some more crochet tubework…  Many of the doilies I have perused in vintage magazines are white or another solid color and my favorite part of making these doilies is adding color to them.  Doilies, in my opinion, are pieces of artwork.  They create such a visual story and I find myselfContinue reading “Another Vintage Doily…”

Happy Friday -tips & tricks

Sometimes in order to decipher a vintage pattern, you may need to get creative.  Things to try might be to take notes, study the picture and trace it out.  That is what I had to do to make this butterfly… When making a butterfly like this there are so many numbers to keep track of.Continue reading “Happy Friday -tips & tricks”

TBT -Crochet World

Yesterday I spent some time organizing my Crochet mags and came across this blast from the past… vintage October 1984 issue of Crochet World.   In 1984 at 12 years old, I had just learned to Crochet from my Grandma G.  Using Red Heart SuperSaver in a bright orange, making a tube top for myContinue reading “TBT -Crochet World”

Summertime Doily

The vintage doily pattern I worked up is finished blocking… When we moved into our house, the former owners were using these mats as flooring.  To me they are blocking boards now I have more than enough.  The pattern is from a issue of Magic Crochet, titled the Florentine Doily.  For this doily I choseContinue reading “Summertime Doily”

Weekend Crochet- Tubular

Gearing up for a weekend of Crochet, and thinking about trying this… tube Crochet with my own little twist.   I am inspired by designer, Claudette Squazzini, she writes, alternate colors creatively as the mood strikes you, changing colors in the middle of a round or at the end.   That sounds like so much fun!Continue reading “Weekend Crochet- Tubular”

WIP Wednesday -Hairpin Doily

In an effort to gain more skill in Hairpin lace, I went to Ravelry’s pattern library.  Searching for Hairpin patterns, I picked some freebies to try out.  This is one of the patterns I tried…. A trio of Snowflake patterns, from Tuula Maaria.  A quick item to practice making hairpin circles. Now, I am workingContinue reading “WIP Wednesday -Hairpin Doily”

TBT – Vintage book series

Treasures I picked up at our local library used book sale….. These series books of the 70’s and 80’s are full of all sorts of crafts from knitting and crochet to sewing and macrame.  One  of the many things you may find at a used booksale along with all sorts of other treasures.  I haveContinue reading “TBT – Vintage book series”